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Drive home safely with Skip The Ditches!

Find a team member in your location by logging in through our easy to use App.  Our team members consist of a driver and a chaser.  Criminal record checks are completed on all our team members, to ensure the safety of our customers. 
Only 4 simple steps to ensure the arrival of you and your vehicle safely home.

Open the App and see what teams are available.

Send ride request

Wait for the team members to arrive.

At the end of the ride, payment will be processed from your Skip the Ditches wallet or saved credit card.

How Can We Help

Here’s answers to our most common questions

How much does a driver / chaser get paid?

• The driver gets paid 30% of the ride fair and the tips are split evenly
• The chaser will get paid 40% of the ride fair and the tips are split evenly
• Driver / Chaser Payment will be paid biweekly

When my driver arrives are we able to add stops?

The stops must be added when the trip is requested for the app to calculate the correct payment

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept most major credit cards and gift cards purchased though the app and wallet. No cash will be accepted a payment option.

How many passengers do you take?

We are insured to take you and your friends in your passenger vehicle provided there is one seat belt for every person in the car including our driver with a maximum of 1 extra stop. (No commercial vehicles or small busses)

Is this service only available if I am impaired?

No, this service is available if you have a situation that you need assistance getting your vehicle home. Example: Optometry, Dental or medical appointments

How does this service work?

The customer will need to download the app from the app store or google play store. You will then fill out the required information and request a ride from available teams in the area. The team will come and get you and your vehicle and take you home

Can you take passengers in the designated car?

Unfortunately, no we can’t take passengers in our chaser vehicles. We leave that service to the insured cab drivers in your area. Our service is to get you and your car home safe

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